Tuesday, March 26, 2013

An Awakening

Okay gang,

I'm soooo sorry for having been so long without a post (gosh, over a year! Just a bad slut i guess ;-) ), but i've been feeling a resurgence in needing to let the 'other half' live again. So, as a teaser, i wanted to post a bit of Chapter 8 of Just Life and just relate a bit of what's i've done the past few days.

First off, a little bit of some things in my life. As i write this, i'm sitting on my personal laptop on the balcony at work on my personal wifi connection, wearing a silky pink gaff, and black pantyhose beneath my pants. i know its nothing much, but in all the years, its the first time i've done it here and it is soooooo exhilaration!! i just have to keep reminding myself not to walk with a swish!

Oh, and down in the parking garage in my car is a hot little pair of 5" black pleather pumps. Girls, if you have the chance ever, you simply MUST get you a pair of high heel pumps. i've had this pair for a couple of years, but they've been tucked away in hiding. However, over the past couple of days, i've been kicking off my work boots and sliding into the heels to drive. Yesterday evening on the drive home, i stopped in a warehouse district kinda near home and strolled around the car a few times before i switched back. It was absolutely amazing to be able to swish like that in broad daylight! Not to mention practicing swinging hips on the straight lines of the parking spaces! *squee* i even drove into work early this morning and repeated in a dark corner of the parking garage before anyone got here. i was flying high by the time i got to my desk.

And then! my joyous luck! One of my favorite authors and only 30+ part story that's ever been able to keep my attention & absolutely love (it is SOOOO hot!! well worth the read!), posted a new chapter last night: Dressed as a Girl, Ch. 36, by Jimmy James. Oh, Kitty is just absolutely amazing and to follow through her mental trip as she goes from normal office boy to stripper slut is just amazing mind candy! i highly recommend reading DaaG!

And finally, as just a quick little teaser, here is a few paragraphs from the upcoming Ch. 8 to my Just Life story:
...Moving as quickly as I can, I hear the clop-clop-clop of my heels on the winding path around my complex. Dreading seeing anyone, I take as many side paths as I can avoiding the parking lot when suddenly I hear a whistle and look up realizing I've found myself next to the pool of all places!!! Looking at the source of the whistle, I notice the two inhabitants of the area are a couple of lads who can't be much more than college age staring at me with lust in their eyes. Reflexively I smile and wave 'politely' as I continue on as quickly as I can.

"Oh, you don't have to go, angel cakes," one shouts out, "you can swim with me."

Finding myself not able to 'rudely ignore' him apparently, I turn my head to smile over my shoulder and shout "I'm terribly sorry, but I am in a hurry. Perhaps later." And as I politely wave, Murphy's wind apparently decides to intrude and gust swiftly from behind flipping up my skirt. Realizing that I can't stop the rear flashing, my cheeks flush red and I attempt to quicken my pace.

"Hot damn!" they both shout. "Oh sweet cheeks," the second guy shouts, "at least shake that naked ass if you're going to walk away."

I'm not sure how this could be considered what's needed to be polite, but my ass starts to shake viciously side to side as I quickly escape around the corner along the path between two buildings almost hyperventilating as my thighs are practically drenched....

Well, there it is! Look forward to finding out more of George's troubles as he trapsies through his sluttied up wife's body; but hey, it's Just Life.

I know that almost no one will see this and very few are following, but if there is a sole or two out there that likes this or wants to hear more, drop a note below in the comments.

Thank you all again for feeding the exhibitionist bound up in me!
-stacey kay

PS: i have to say i forgot about the great & amazing Sasha! Got another great thrill by seeing her in a new, hot, tight, mini-dress. Check her out! She has some great things coming up with her and her girlfriend.

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