Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Award Swap

Well, this is a little different. A new app was announced for the Windows Phone by the Microsoft Research team that just screamed out for a TG them: Face Swap (heck, the tag line is: “Have you ever thought of swapping your face with someone else's?”). They're not doing a lot of anything completely new, but it is nice in that it identifies faces from any picture and swaps them relatively cleanly in a matter of a few seconds.

Below is a simple example: upper left is the original; lower right is the undoctored swapped file. I wish I could say I was happy with the result; I really felt I pushed this one, but hopefully ya'll will enjoy it. Maybe I'll actually practice it since it’s a bit more cornvenient and come up with something descent.

"Hey, hun, congratulations on our new award!"

"*Our* award? I'm pretty sure 'Best Female Actress' was for *me*, dear."

"Well, of course it was addressed to you, babe, but obviously it was a team effort."

"Of course, *babe*, I did all the work and you showed up on my arm."

"What the hell, dear? Who helped you with your lines? Who made sure everything was ready for you? Who kept track of all your scene calls?"

"Oh ya, I could have hired an assistant for that."

"Why you ungrateful little wench! I wish I had your cushy of a job."

"You bastard! I wish I could just leech off some one all day."

"Hey Gina, congratulations! Quick shot for the Herald? Smile!"


"Good luck!"

"What the hell?!? where did my coat go?"

"Who the hell are you in my dress?? My body!?!"



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