Monday, January 2, 2012

Smile, 'girls'!

This was the first middle piece of the Winter Holiday series I had planned to post. In otherwords, this is #2 in the sequence. Hope you enjoy!

"Glad I got that shot," giggled my wife, "but what the hell do
you think you're doing wearing my best bikinis in the snow??"

"Ummm... I... uh..." I stammered.

"Oh, hush. I think its pretty obvious," she jumped in. "If
you want to run around in the snow in a bikini, you two can
wear my old string bikinis."


"I said hush, wench! now get out of the snow." She ran inside
and grabed a tangled mess of pink and black string. "Black
for your little friend, and pink for you, dear. Put those on
or those shots show up on your Facebook pages."

Running into the pool house, we quickly changed just to keep
things quiet and grabbed a couple of towels to try and
preserve some heat.

"Alright, 'girls', time for a quick hike out front."

"Wait?!? No, hun!"

"You know I can just push this one button to post it, right?"

With our heads hung in shame we shivered and snuck our way
out front.

"Stand in the street, 'girls'. Don't worry, in this weather,
no one should be driving by to see two bikini clad babes
in the middle of the road."

"Now, smile."

We promptly covered ourselves with the towels and scowled at
them. *snap*

"Either you move those towels and show us some enthusiastic
smiles, or you can explain to your football buddies why
you're in bikini's in the snow."


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