Monday, September 27, 2021

Halloween Hijynx - Ch 1 - The Plan

Halloween Hijynx

1 – The Plan

It had been eighteen months into the two-week isolation quarantine. With little else to do, they had at least started (finally) doing a regular workout routine, and Paul & Molly were noticeably in much better shape. Although, their shapes weren't quite ideal yet, they were definitely much more energetic and generally enjoying each other more.

They had even gotten back into having adult play time sporadically. Molly always enjoyed submitting herself over to his control & the freedom of being lost in someone else's direction; they were actually able to find an old rhythm together.

After one particularly kinky session and cool down, she had a very contented and scheming look on her face. "What is going on in that lovely little head of yours, you sneaky, little minx?"

"Well," she pondered, "I've really enjoyed the past several months of finding each other and getting back to being closer."

"Yess....," he responded.

"I don't want to wait until the end of the year to celebrate."

"You ready to go out in the dress? I can look to see what's in town this weekend, maybe that ritzy stay-cation place downtown."

"Well, not quite ready for that dress yet; too hot outside too. And I want to do more planning than just a .. spur of the moment thing."

"Okay, I think you've got something in your mind, what's up?"

"Well," she started as she sits up on her knees like an excited girl on Christmas, bouncing the bed, her short bob whipping in the air. "I want to plan it out. I want it to be fun. I want all of our friends to be there."

"Okay, sounds good. Just get everyone to dress up, drink, and have some fun. That would be nice."

"No!" She exclaimed excitedly, "Not just that! It's got to be memorable! It's got to have a theme, and contests, and prizes, and fun, and just letting lose!" She bounced with enthusiastic joy with every sentence.

"Okay, okay," he chuckled. "Obviously you put a lot of thought into it. So, what 'theme' are we thinking of for this extravaganza?"

"Well, in a few months its Halloween, but not just a straight up random costume party. Have it be 'Mix Up'!"

"Mix Up? So, like dressing like Rubik's Cubes or something. I guess it's something."

"Well, I guess that would count, really just any normal theme and flip it about. I was thinking have a bar with a bunch of mixers, multi-level jello shots, crazy bobbing for fruit, all sorts of mixed up snack mixes, and just all sorts of messed of decorations. “

"Sounds like fun but seems like a lot of planning. I could lay it out and get it setup I guess."

"No! I got it all planned out! I'll get it setup with everyone and everything. I got it all taken care of. I'll invite all our friends and make sure they all come, its going to be a blast!"

"K, sounds like lots of fun. Think 3 months is going to be enough time to get it all together?"

"Ha! Yes, it will be great! I even got costumes picked out for us that will be perfect," she said with even more enthusiasms as she crawled up to him to move in closer.

"Okay, what did you have in mind for us? Horror clowns? Zombie dolphins?"

"Well, I was thinking... there was that one time we were experimenting, that I had fun with..."

"Um, I guess...?" He had no clue which she meant.

"Look, I wanted to do some sexy costume now that I've gotten more fit"

"Hun, you'd look hot in anything," he interrupted.

"Uh, glad you think that way, because honestly, I've gone back to almost a rail again, I feel like I have no definition."

He couldn't think of a safe way to respond. She had a point, she was able to work away a lot of the flab, but her natural body type was very thin and had really only developed a chest with childbearing. He found her absolutely hot, but he didn't know how to say it without sounding like an idiot, so just smile and nod.

"Well, you've still got some cushion, so I was thinking with the right adjustments you would look absolutely hot in it," she said getting closure and kissing on her neck.

"k....? What are you going at?"

"Hot, Darling Robin Hoodie and Lord Marion," she said with a deep kiss.

"Umm... K. Not the oddest thing, but I guess I could be a nobel. I just don't want it to look cheesy; we got time and budget, I want to make sure it looks real"

"Ummm... I want it to look real, but that's not exactly the idea I was after....," she said biting her lip.

"Oh...," he said not really getting it. "OH!" When it finally clicked. They tried a cross in experimentation, and he surprisingly found it fun... but she felt him not passing was causing problems.

"Ummm... but if you do it, we got to put everything into it. I'll put it all together, k?"

Sunday, September 26, 2021

Halloween Hijynx - Ch 0 - Prelude

Halloween Hijynx

A couple of empty nesters with complex, kinky relationships find themselves in situations even they didn't expect as they try to bring back the excitment of their pre-child world in a post-pandemic society starting with a holiday party all about letting loose and acting out.

0 - Prelude

They'd started their lives together over 20 years ago when he was barely legal to drink and she had a young child from her first marriage. Both being rather young at the time and starting off with another kid shortly their after, they found themselves empty nesting and just barely over the hill. The holiday season was just closing down and they took the opportunity as everyone does to take a look at their lives in the new year.

"You know, hun. I was thinking," Molly began, "the kids are gone, we're not getting any younger, and we seem to have more free time lately."

"True..." Paul responded suspiciously. "What are you scheming at?" She was definitely always thinking something

"We've been talking about getting in back in shape; let's stop talking and finally start doing."

"Ya, that sounds fine. I'll setup a schedule and get a routine planned out," he affirmed.

"Well, yes, but you've still been busy with work and it's what Bill already does on the side. Rather than just deal with the hectic planning of a poly relationship, why don't I take advantage of more than just his fun side and have him plan it out?"

"Give him access to set my calendar? I have a hard-enough time with letting you do that, let alone a metamour. Besides, I think taking advantage of Julie's cooking was one of the things that got me in this boat," joyfully slapping his expansive waist. "It was probably the one thing that kept our relationship going as long as it did."

"Yes, I guess you did, but I always told you she was a bit flighty. However, I imagine that had to do more with why you got involved then why you got involved," she said shaking her head, "you always found ditzes hot."

"Okay, I have fun when a girl appears a bit ditzy, but you know I like a smart woman. It's part of why I married you," he said with a grin.

"Good cover. But only part of why you did?"

"Well, that and tall leggy blonde, willingness to share without jealousy, and your submissive play side just to name a few."

"uh-huh...," she said now questioning him.

"However, you know I don't mind sharing you but I'm not interested in sharing your boyfriend's control. There are boundaries and we always said our relationship was primary. I can't just cede all that; seems like a slippery slope".

"Damn, you are such a control freak! I only wanted him to draw up a plan, not schedule your life. Get a grip," she quipped, but could see him start to fume as he turned back to the dishes he was putting away.

She took a deep breath, relaxed, and slowly started to slink towards him, "Master," she started, "I only request that you consider utilizing Mr. Bill's skills to contribute to your overall plan. My personal goal is to get rid of some of these extra rolls by next New Year's so I could accompany you as deserving arm candy to the NYE Spankin' Bash in one of those tiny, slinky, barely there dresses you used to love so much. And I thought it could be fun to get into shape in so many other ways between now and then."

He knew she was doing a bit of Topping from the bottom, but it wasn't the first time they'd talked about working out before. Although they kindled their relationship in the kink world and stoked the fires from exploring various limits of hers, their children's pre-teen years showed a bit of a waning of their nature and had been something else they had talked of rekindling.

Of course, as what happens with many of his long-term plans, he'll go into an in-depth plan, but if he keeps the tasks on him instead of delegating, they never quite get done. It was a bad habit that only got worse with time. So she was right in that he should bring someone else in to complete it.

Shortly thereafter, Paul reached out to Bill to talk to him about a getting a workout schedule together. Bill seemed a bit reluctant at the time, but Paul brought up that she'd be getting more energized and would help her out. Paul was adamant that he was going to make sure they got through it this time.

So Bill drew up a schedule of many workout sessions that would start off slow and work to progress Molly towards the trim and shaped up body she was looking for. The routines barely got started before it seemed the whole world fell apart as the headlines moved from another political move to try to oust the current, overbearing leader to blasts of a breakout disease the sweeping world as a major pandemic as people began to hunker down in the residences.

A return with more writing to cum!

The world has turned upside and steps are being taken to getting back to things. We've all taken time to rethink things. Ironically and luckily for me, my employment actually increased during this phase, so i've unfortunately not had the oppurtunity to put my personal thoughts into writing. However, it had been WAAAAY too many years before that since i had really taken time to put any out as well.

However, i'd like to take a stab at changing that. i have had many ideas bounce around my head for decades and not the least of which has been Just Life, but i need to set it asside for a moment to try to get some of these other things out. i will try to get back to that as soon as i can, but i hope you can enjoy what else is bouncing around up there.

i am definitely looking to create something others to enjoy and highly look for feedback, and try to work it in, but i these are largely ideas and thoughts that excite me, so if they're not your thing, that's okay; all sorts of pasteries in the bakery. So take a look at them, feel free to tell me what you think, and i hope maybe someone else will enjoy them as well.

happy to be back!looking forward to cumming back!

Thursday, August 20, 2015

Swaying Skirt

So, was playing around with Microsoft's Sway.  It's a free, fun, little storyboard method for creating some pretty snazzy presentation and pages.  So here is my particular one from my recent skirts.  my apologies for the subject matter in the photos; she's not nearly as hot as the examples.

Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Fixing skirt links

Sorry, guys and girls, for the messed up images in the last post about my new skirt. i fixed them now, and they should be working.

To those of you who pointed out the mistake on this ditz's part, you should be getting a present in your mailboxes; so be looking for that.

To everyone else, i'm sorry the pics are just of me and not a model, but i hope you enjoy as well; i'm trying to start dressing more and get more comfortable with it all.

And, finally topped 100,000 views to the blog, so here's a small token of my appreciate of a taste of a small additional new pic:
i really should post more often.

Monday, August 17, 2015

New Pink Mini

So, i saw this cute, little mini-skirt on Amazon and just thought I'd try.  i have to say i ABSOLUTELY love it.  The material feels soft and durable.  Oh, and to wear it above freshly shaven legs and 5" heels is wonderfully divine. :D  Tell me what you all think.
It's not too long, is it?

i think these are a bit too large

i'm trying to loose some weight in the middle
If only i could find someone to play with, too.

PS: As for Just Life, i lost the muse again, but i hope to have her back soon to perhaps finally finish it, because i have at least two more outlines i want to get out.