Monday, April 25, 2011

More Shopping with Sis

Okay, the last little ones seems to have inspired a follow-up for me.  i hope ya'll like it:
So, Sis, what do you think of the dress?  Gorgeous isn't it?!?

Well, it definitely is pretty, Jack.  The crushed velvet is a nice touch.

Ya I just love the way it shimmers against my eyes, don't you?

Ya, but it seems a bit racy.

Well, maybe its a little on the short side. But at least I got a descent ass to show off unlike some of us. *wink*

Bitch! I just haven't had a chance to work out much lately. Lucky for you I still had those old breast forms otherwise you'd never fill that out.

*giggle* Bitch.

Don't look now, bro, but I think those two boys are checking you out.

Well, luckily this outfit is very versatile. *flash* That will give those pervs something to wank about.

Who knew my big bro was such a little slut?!?

Just glad they had some nice tight panties to keep my package hiden.

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