Wednesday, May 4, 2011

With Sasha and the matress

i just saw this pic and just thought of Sasha & had to do this.  i hope you all like it:
umm... Sasha, i know we had fun last night, but i think i missed something.
wha? oh wow! how did we end up on a matress in Time Square?
i was hoping you could tell me.
Well, seems like we've drawn quite a crowd.
i sure hope we can get out of here without them realizing we're not real girls.
you know, stacey, i can think of a way to make sure they're not even considering that. *eg*
how s..                  *smooooch*
like that!
lets do that again!!! *smooooooch*


  1. Thanks for the caption. I'm sure that we'd draw quite a crowd if that were to happen! Quick! Distract them!

  2. mmmm!! would love distraction with you, hun :-*