Thursday, December 9, 2010

First Caption

Well, i'm not sure there's anyone that would see this, but here is my first caption.  It's a rough attempt and i hope you all enjoy it.  Feel free to leave comments; i'm happy to hear more!


PS this was pretty fun, so i hope to have more very soon.
Jas goes over the edge

Jason ran over to the warf's rope line hoping to see the medallion.  It had been tossed over in Rob's tussel with the mugge.  Luckily Rob was able to grab him just after the thug had ripped it from my neck.
Jason had only agreed to the crazy scheme under the agreement that he would hold onto it to make sure Rob didn't pull a fast one.  It was the last leg that Jason had been standing on while Rob was pleading with him to enter into this lunatic idea.

It was bad enough they had found this mysterious amulet in that junk sale a couple of weeks ago, but after testing it out and seeing it could change a person just from touching someone else's clothes, Rob's warped, horny, adolesent mind came up with the idea that Jason could become his hot date during the first half of their July vacation.  In return, Rob would swap and do whatever Jason did the second half... and promised even more.

After finally capitulating, to ensure they got the hottest body possible, they had actually bought an Internet stripper's panties.  Jason had pushed the edge of his own limits for the past week in anticipation of what he'd do to Rob for the next two weeks in this body, but was already worried about how much he was enjoying it.
Now leaning over the rope, he shivered as he realised he was stuck... but also shivered from the reminder the breeze gave him of the show his little skirt was providing.  Was Jasmine stuck as a slut?

Rob walked up behind her and leaned over to look and said, "Jas, hun, I'll go get some gear and we'll go diving for it.  I'm sure it didn't get far."

Jason could feel Rob rub against his legs and couldn't stop the moan escaping.  "Maybe we could do some other diving first.  I'm sure its not going to go anywhere."  Jasmine rubbed up and down Rob's member; her heat flaming within her.

Rob grabbed her hips, "okay! Let's go back to the condo."

Jasmine surprised herself by reaching back and grabbing his belt, "NO! Here!  NOW!"

Jasmine was definitely going over the edge.

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