Friday, December 10, 2010

Promenade Walk

Well, seem to be having some fun with this.  Hopefully, ya'll do as well.

-stacey kay

"Damit!" Randall said to himself.  "How do I always let myself get talked into these things?"

"Why can't I ever just say 'NO' to a dare?"

"I still can't believe my wife pushed it this far."

"First, shaving my legs. Then putting on this outfit and wig; sitting through a makeup session.  Walking lessons in these killer boots."

"For some reason, the ride in the car seemed like a 'safe' bet by that point."

"But this?  Stopping at the mall and daring me to walk down the promenade like some secretary on her lunch break?!? Really??  What is wrong with me??"

"Hrmmm... I do look kinda cute.  OOoo!! A sale on sunglasses!!! I would look so hawt with those!"

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