Friday, December 10, 2010

Meat Market

Okay, hopefully this is the last one for the day.  i think i'm having a bit too much fun with these.  This one is a bit longer, so sorry gang.


Justin was still pissed off with his wife Nancy for putting the spell on him, so Nancy tried a little trick that he used to alwyas love.

Sneaking up next to him, Nancy pulled him in close and gave his tongue a thorough and deep lashing.

Nancy could feel him pull away, so she grabbed ahold of his chest just like he used to do to her.

Justin moaned, closing his eyes under the rush of passion he was feeling. She had told him earlier that she made sure his chest was "super sensitive", but with this simple touch his knees were starting to buckle and he could feel his thighs damping.

(now that I've got him all worked up), Nancy thought, (he can see just how much of a 'meat market' this place is!  Maybe then he'll finally stop insisting on coming her on our nights out.)

The gathered crowd began to hoot and hollar as the kiss lingered on. Nancy pulled away as Justin just held himself there; open lips, panting with his eyes closed almost frozen in time.

Suddenly, one of the guys observing the scene grabbed Justin's breast from behind and spun him around by it as Justin fell into him rubbing his chest against the guy he blissfully melted into a continued kiss.

As Nancy moved to seperate this before it went too far, one of the other observers pulled her away: her ex, Stan.  As she sniped at him, "let me go!" she could see the wolves pulling in around Justin as moans began to pickup.

"Don't worry babe, your friend will be fine," Stan retorted, "listen to how much she's enjoying the attention.  Just glad you finally ditched that Justin.  Now I can show you some real fun."

It was true. Justin sounded like a whore in heat and was rubbing against every warm body that got close and did nothing to stop any of the roaming hands.

In her shocked state and not knowing what to do under the scene she didn't fight as Stan pulled her away....

She knew Justin was going to be really pissed.

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  1. Very nice story. I love the 'kidnapping.' And thanks for all the wonderful posts on my blog.